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My Practice

Although I consider myself to be a "generalist," meaning that I am comfortable working with many different client concerns, I have particular expertise and specialized training in working with people who have survived some form of trauma.

Some examples of these traumatic experiences include:

  • Childhood Abuse (emotional, physical, sexual)

  • Sexual Assault

  • Interpersonal Violence

  • Military Trauma (combat, sexual assault, other service-related experiences)

  • Accidents/Injuries

  • Unexpected Death of a Loved One

  • Any Other Life Experience That You Have Found Overwhelming

The effects of traumatic life experiences are complicated and clients often request help with many different symptoms, including depression, severe anxiety/fear, substance use problems, sleep disturbances and interpersonal difficulties.  Because of the complexity of clients' struggles, I use a variety of approaches in  helping clients heal.  One of my clear guiding principles is creating a safe place for people to speak openly about their experiences and their feelings.  Although this work can be extremely difficult for clients at times, it does not need to repeatedly overwhelm them. We will work together to proceed at a pace that provides both resolution as well as respect for your unique healing process.

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