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Indivdual Therapy

I work with clients ranging in age from late adolescence (starting at about age 15) through all stages of adulthood.  In general, I plan to meet with clients weekly at the start of our work together, or, for a short period of time, more that once a week if needed.  After you have achieved significant progress toward your goals, we may meet less frequently. Sessions typically last 50 to 55 minutes.

Family Therapy

In general, I do not work with clients who specifically desire family therapy. However, with the client's full agreement, I routinely work with an individual client and his or her family members as an adjunct to individual therapy. Since I believe that the dynamics of the family system greatly influence many aspects of our development, inviting willing, cooperative family members to participate in a client's healing can help resolve problems more quickly.  This is much more common when working with minors, but can also be very helpful when working with adults of any age.

Group Therapy

Group therapy is often the treatment of choice for various clients and can help clients reach their goals more quickly.  If I am currently offering any group therapy, information about each group will be posted on my home page.

Services I Do Not Provide

  • I do not work with clients primarily seeking couples therapy.  

  • I do not work with clients mandated to receive treatment for any reason.  I also generally will not provide any documentation to courts, attorneys, or any other entity that may require verification of therapy attendance or support for legal matters.  If you want additional information about this, please see a more detailed explanation here.

  • I do not provide documentation to support disability claims unless I have been working with you for a minimum of six months.

  • I do not provide any testing/assessment services.

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